Composition of multiple figure sequences for dance and animation

TitleComposition of multiple figure sequences for dance and animation
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1991
AuthorsCalvert T.W., Welman C., Gaudet S., Schiphorst T., Lee C.
JournalThe Visual Computer

Insights gained from an interdisciplinary study of the creative processes involved in dance composition are the basis for developing computer-based tools to support dance composition and animation. The system that has been developed, Life Forms, provides an interactive hierarchical environment where the user can reduce the complexity of the task by flexibly switching between spatial and temporal views of the composition. Realistic animation of the final result is also available. Life Forms, which is implemented on IRIS and Macintosh workstations, has proven itself to be of real value in dance composition. It is now being tested as the front end of a conventional animation system for use in animating multiple articulated figures.