Topology-Varying 3D Shape Creation via Structural Blending

Ibraheem Alhashim Honghua Li Kai Xu Junjie Cao Rui Ma Hao Zhang
Simon Fraser University National University of Defense Technology
Shenzhen VisuCA Key Lab/SIAT Dalian University of Technology


We introduce an algorithm for generating novel 3D models via topology-varying shape blending. Given a source and a target shape, our method blends them topologically and geometrically, producing continuous series of in-betweens as new shape creations. The blending operations are defined on a spatio-structural graph composed of medial curves and sheets. Such a shape abstraction is structure-oriented, part-aware, and facilitates topology manipulations. Fundamental topological operations including split and merge are realized by allowing one-to-many correspondences between the source and the target. Multiple blending paths are sampled and presented in an interactive, exploratory tool for creative 3D modeling. We show a variety of topology-varying 3D shapes generated via continuous structural blending between man-made shapes exhibiting complex topological differences, in real time.

paper (15 MB) slides (50 MB) code dataset demo (Windows) supp. material



We thank Oliver van Kaick for insightful discussions; Alec Jacobson and Marco Attene for providing code for mesh fixing; Michael Kazhdan for surface reconstruction code; Andrea Tagliasacchi for the skeletonization code; and to all the participants of the user study. This work is supported in part by grants from National Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada, China Scholarship Council, and the NSFC China and CPSF.