Zahid Hossain

+1 (778) 836-0181
TASC 1 8004
  • MSc. candidate, Computing Science, Simon Fraser University (expected date of graduation December 2010).
  • BSc, Computing Science (minor in Telecommunication), North South University (August 2006).

Zahid Hossain is currently working toward the MSc degree at the School of Computing Science, Simon Fraser University, Canada. Before joing Simon Fraser University he worked in ReliSource Technologies Ltd as a software developer. During his stay at ReliSource, he worked mostly on computer graphics and gaming application developement.

Research Interests: 

I am generally interested in applying mathematical tools in computer graphics and thereby producing accurate images for correct visual interpretations. Apart from accuracy, real-time aspects of computer graphics are of paramount importance as they allow users to visualize data interactively and therefore I am also interested in GPU methods. Finally, I would also like to pursue research in the field of illumination and photo realistic rendering in general.

Thesis Topic: 

Edge Aware Anisotropic Diffusion for 3D Scalar Data

Graduation Year: 
Current Affiliation : 
PhD student at Stanford University