Welcome to our new GrUViers!!!

This September, we have many new members coming! Since September 8, Daniel Weiskopf has become one of th co-directors of GrUVi lab. We also have many new graduate students - Susan Villecroze, Tai Meng, Chris Jennings, Tom Smyth, Adelle Knight, Brendan Moloney, Oliver van Kaick, Jacob Koster, as well as our new system admin, Reid Orsten...Warmest welcome to all!!!

Steve Graduates

Congrats to Steve Kilthau for successfully defending his thesis. Steve received a "as is pass" instead of the more common "pass with minor revisions". Everyone in the Gruvi lab will miss Steve's fun attitude as he heads off to work at Electronic Arts. Good luck Steve!

Ken Graduates

Ken Chidlow successfully defended his Master's thesis in medical image reconstruction on Wednesday. His future plans include playing xbox and watching the canucks in the playoffs [Unfortunately they lost in the second round. Sorry Ken! -ed]

Welcome Richard

A warm welcome to our newest co-director, Richard Zhang, who has joined us from the University of Toronto. His research interest is in the area of computer graphics, particularly in geometric modeling.