Welcome next-gen GrUVi-rites

It is quite amazing that in a span of a little bit over one month, four next-generation GrUVi-rites have arrived in this world! On September 19, Ina and Bernhard welcomed their baby daughter Anna, born 6 pounds and 14 ounces. On September 29, Maryam and Mehran's baby girl Avina arrived 6 pounds and 14.5 ounces. On October 8, Richard and Weiwei became pround parents of baby boy Chaoran (Ryan), born 7 pounds and 3 ounces. Finally, Frank (an ex-GrUVi-rite) and Xi welcomed their second boy Owen (7 pounds and 4 ounces at birth) to this world!

Vis 2010 - Congratulations!

Ahmed, Stefan, Usman, and Zahid managed to each get their Vis paper accepted. This is quite amazing, I might add, since the acceptance rate was 26% and there were 49 papers altogether. So, having almost 10% of the Vis papers coming from our lab is quite an achievement. If you see these four - greet them as liberators and throw some flowers at them! They deserve it! :)

And - there might be a party-van driving to Utah in the fall. If you want to be on it, please sign up, perhaps as a student volunteer for Vis. Let's party next to the church of the latter-day saints!

Andrea Tagliasacchi wins 2009 MITACS Best Student Paper award

Andrea was awarded the Best Student Paper Award for MITACS related research in 2009, for his SIGGRAPH 2009 paper on curve skeleton extraction from incomplete point cloud data. See for MITACS announcement. There are three such awards among all students supported by MITACS researchers. Last year, Ramsay Dyer from GrUVi was one of the three winners.

Johnson Chuang and GrUVi in the news

The press recently got interested by the work by our own Johnson Chuang. The New Scientist published a writeup about Johnson's joint work with Daniel Weiskopf and Torsten Möller on Energy Aware Color Setswhich was recently presented at Eurographics 2009 in Munich, Germany. After this article a number of others followed in places such as engadgetNeowinGizmagSFU NewsInSciences.organd TreeHugger.comFurther, Johnson was also interviewed by some local radio and TV stations (Omni TV). Congrats to Johnson!"

It's a Girl!

GrUVite Chris Jennings and his wife Sarah became parents: Their daughter Abigail was born on March 28, 2009 in the Royal Columbian Hospital. Congratulations!