Good bye Chris and welcome Bhavesh.

Chris Chen, the visiting student from  National University of Defence Technology (NUDT), heads back to China after having spent a wonderful year at GrUVi. As he leaves, we welcome Bhavesh Gupta, a new Masters student in the GrUVi lab. Bhavesh pursued his undergraduate studies from India. Before joining GrUVi, he spent some time at Texas A&M. He's passionate about music, and likes playing the guitar.

Congrats to Andrea!

Andrea defended his Ph.D. thesis today successfully and was granted a "pass as is". This is a rare distinction which speaks to the quality of his work. Congrats to Andrea! We also thank the thesis commitee (external examiner: Paolo Cignoni; SFU examiner: Kamal Gupta; supervisor: Ghassan Hamarneh; defence chair: Richard Vaughan) for their work. Andrea will be doing a postdoc at EPFL.