Warunika's Successful Msc Thesis Defense

Congrats to Warunika for successfully defending her MSc thesis on "ExquiMo: An Exquisite Corpse Tool for Co-Creative 3D Shape Modeling". The researchers would like to assure you that no person, dog, or any other animals were killed as the result of conducting this thesis research.

Here is the abstract of her work:

We introduce a shape modeling tool, ExquiMo, which is guided by the idea of improving the creativity of 3D shape designs through collaboration. Inspired by the game of Exquisite Corpse, our tool allocates distinct parts of a shape to multiple players who model the assigned parts in a sequence. Our approach is motivated by the understanding that effective surprise leads to creative outcomes. Hence, to maintain the surprise factor of the output, we conceal the previously modeled parts from the most recent player. Part designs from individual players are fused together to produce an often unexpected, hence creative, end result. We demonstrate the effectiveness of collaborative modeling for both man-made and natural shapes. Our results show that, when compared to models designed by individual users, multi-user collaborative modeling via ExquiMo tends to lead to more creative designs in terms of the most common criteria used to identify creative artifacts.

December 9, 2016