Nima successfully defended his masters thesis

Icosahedronized Nima!  Nima successfully defended his MSc thesis today (June 28) on "5-6-7 meshes". His work introduces a new type of meshes called 5-6-7 meshes. A 5-6-7 mesh is a closed triangle mesh where each vertex has valence 5, 6, or 7. Nima presented a 5-6-7 remeshing algorithm which converts any closed triangle mesh with arbitrary genus into a 5-6-7 mesh which a) closely approximates the original mesh geometrically, e.g., in terms of feature preservation, and b) has a comparable vertex count as the original mesh. Now, Nima is on his way to work at Facebook.

"The simplest 5-6-7 mesh tessellating genus of zero is an Icosahedron with 12 vertices of degree 5." --Nima

June 28, 2012