Welcome to our new GrUViers!!!

This September, we have many new members coming! Since September 8, Daniel Weiskopf has become one of th co-directors of GrUVi lab. We also have many new graduate students - Susan Villecroze, Tai Meng, Chris Jennings, Tom Smyth, Adelle Knight, Brendan Moloney, Oliver van Kaick, Jacob Koster, as well as our new system admin, Reid Orsten...Warmest welcome to all!!!

Visiting Student - Kevin (Kai) Xu

The GrUVi lab welcomes Kevin (Kai) Xu to SFU. Kevin comes from Changsha, China and he will be visiting us for a few months to conduct research under the supervision of Dr. Richard Zhang. In his native China he graduated from the National University of Defense Technology. His research interest include geometry processing and physically based modelling. Among the many interesting project he was involved in, he was a part of the research and development team of a virtual surgery system. Currently his main area of interest is geometry processing and in particular mesh deformation and animation.

Good bye Chris and welcome Bhavesh.

Chris Chen, the visiting student from  National University of Defence Technology (NUDT), heads back to China after having spent a wonderful year at GrUVi. As he leaves, we welcome Bhavesh Gupta, a new Masters student in the GrUVi lab. Bhavesh pursued his undergraduate studies from India. Before joining GrUVi, he spent some time at Texas A&M. He's passionate about music, and likes playing the guitar.