OpenHouse 2006

C5 (Autonomy, GRUVI, MCL, MIAL, and VML labs) combined CMPT 891 and Open House will be held on October 17, 2006 (Tuesday), from 3:30 to 6:15, at TASC 9204, 9400, 8002/8004.

It's a Girl!

GrUVite Chris Jennings and his wife Sarah became parents: Their daughter Abigail was born on March 28, 2009 in the Royal Columbian Hospital. Congratulations!

Vis 2010 - Congratulations!

Ahmed, Stefan, Usman, and Zahid managed to each get their Vis paper accepted. This is quite amazing, I might add, since the acceptance rate was 26% and there were 49 papers altogether. So, having almost 10% of the Vis papers coming from our lab is quite an achievement. If you see these four - greet them as liberators and throw some flowers at them! They deserve it! :)

And - there might be a party-van driving to Utah in the fall. If you want to be on it, please sign up, perhaps as a student volunteer for Vis. Let's party next to the church of the latter-day saints!

Johnson Chuang and GrUVi in the news

The press recently got interested by the work by our own Johnson Chuang. The New Scientist published a writeup about Johnson's joint work with Daniel Weiskopf and Torsten Möller on Energy Aware Color Setswhich was recently presented at Eurographics 2009 in Munich, Germany. After this article a number of others followed in places such as engadgetNeowinGizmagSFU NewsInSciences.organd TreeHugger.comFurther, Johnson was also interviewed by some local radio and TV stations (Omni TV). Congrats to Johnson!"