Speaker: Markus Hadwiger

Title: GPU-Based High-Performance Visualization

This talk will give an overview of selected research that we are doing in interactive high-performance visualization at the Geometric Modeling and Scientific Visualization Center at KAUST. Interactive visualization is crucial to exploring, analyzing, and understanding data, such as the data acquired via computed tomography, electron microscopy, or seismic surveys, as well as simulated data, such as the result of fluid simulations. However, the amount of data that is acquired or simulated is increasing rapidly toward the petascale and further, which presents a tremendous challenge to interactive visualization and analysis.

Our research focuses on interactive high-performance visualization exploiting the parallel processing power of state-of-the-art GPUs (Graphics Processing Units), which have evolved from graphics processing toward quite general, massively-parallel co-processors for a wide variety of applications. We will describe selected research in this field, in the areas of neuroscience for visualization and analysis of petascale electron microscopy data,and the visualization of very complex general grids from computational fluid dynamics.

TASC 1 - 9204 West
Thursday, August 18, 2011 - 02:30