Speaker: Dr. Mario Costa Sousa

Title: Scalable Visualization in Oil/Gas Reservoir Exploration & Production


Oil and gas reservoir Exploration and Production (E&P) involve complex tasks, datasets and workflows from three main groups of inter-related disciplines: geophysics, geology and reservoir & production engineering. Visualization technology has been a key component of the increased success and efficiency across these disciplines and in all states of the field development cycle. Advances in the fields of scientific visualization, computer graphics, human-computer interaction and high-performance computing have enabled a significantly large range of reservoir visualization tasks. Today, visualization technology in oil/gas reservoir E&P faces great challenges due to the intersection of these advances with higher level of access to data application and integration, increasingly large and complex datasets, higher-degrees of uncertainty, and multi disciplinary collaborative decision-making.

This talk will present an overview of the long term research & development goals and focus areas for the next-generation of scalable reservoir visualization systems that bring together the many facets and the diverse array of knowledge gathered by the many players involved in exploration, development, production, and recovery of oil and gas resources. These systems should (a) operate over integrated, multi-disciplinary workflows and datasets, making data management, computation, visualization and interaction work together smoothly and efficiently; (b) provide advanced interactive and exploratory visual representations and analysis to improve the reflection, expression, and communication of the state of the field development using all available information; and (c) guide complex work processes, expressing the level of uncertainty from visual anomalies to detailed interpretations. These requirements will be further described within a framework of six closely interconnected focus areas, fundamental to advance the visualization, analysis and understanding of reservoirs: (1) Multimodal Data Integration; (2) Parallel Multiresolution Visualization; (3) Interactive Visualization Abstractions; (4) Exploratory Visual Analysis; (5) Interactive Visual Steering and Verification; and (6) Human-Computer Interaction Design for Exploratory Visualization.

About the speaker:

Dr. Mario Costa Sousa is an Associate Professor at the Department of Computer Science, University of Calgary, Canada. He holds an iCORE / Foundation CMG Industrial Research Chair (IRC) in Scalable Reservoir Visualization and leads the Illustrare / Scalable and Illustrative Visualization (SISV) research group (www.cpsc.ucalgary.ca/~mario/sisv). His research interests focus on illustrative visualization, non-photorealistic rendering, sketch-based interfaces and modeling, perceptual models in illustration and visualization, interactive simulations and real-time volume graphics. Dr. Costa Sousa has been very active in the graphics community, organizing and teaching courses, publishing and presenting papers, serving on and co-chairing many conference program committees. He has ongoing R&D collaborations with illustrative / scientific visualization research groups, oil/gas industries, medical centres, and illustrators/studios affiliated with the Association of Medical Illustrators and the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators.

TASC I 9204 - West
Thursday, May 20, 2010 - 13:30