M.Sc. thesis defense: Visualization of Fuel Cell Simulations

Presenter: Niklas Roeber 

Visualization plays an important role in the analysis of scientiļ¬c data sets. Here computer graphics can be used as a tool to extract information and to transform abstract data sets into meaningful images. While many good visualization techniques are known, the interactive display of huge time-varying data sets is still a challenging task. This thesis develops a visualization pipeline that uses several different compression techniques to increase the rendering performance and to allow a more interactive visualization of large data sets. The data which is used for this is a numerical simulation of a fuel cell. This data set is multiparametric and consist of ļ¬ve scalar and one vector data set. In the second part of the thesis, some visualization techniques for the display of such data sets are discussed and evaluated on the fuel cell example.

Friday, January 31, 2003 - 13:30