M.Sc. Thesis Defense: Detail-Replicating Shape Stretching - Ibraheem Alhashim

Mesh deformation methods are useful for creating shape variations. Existing deformation techniques work on preserving surface details under bending and twisting operations. Stretching different parts of a shape is also a useful operation for generating shape variations. Under stretching, texture-like geometric details should not be preserved but rather replicated. We propose a simple method that help create model variation by applying non-uniform stretching on 3D models.
The method replicates the geometric details and synthesizes extensions by adopting texture synthesis techniques on surface details. We work on analyzing and separating the stretching of surface details from the stretching of the base mesh enabling the appearance of preserved details. The efficiency of our method is a result of defining a local parametrization with the help of curve skeletons. We show different results that demonstrate the usefulness of this intuitive and efficient stretching tool in creating shape variations.
M.Sc. Examining Committee:
Dr. Richard Zhang, Senior Supervisor
Dr. Shahram Payandeh, SFU, EngScience, Supervisor
Dr. Ligang Liu, Zhejiang University, China, Examiner
Dr. Torsten Möller, Chair
TASC1 8002
Friday, February 11, 2011 - 09:00