M.Sc. Thesis Defence: VISMON: Facilitating Analysis of Trade-Offs, Uncertainty and Sensitivity in Fisheries Management Decision Making - Maryam Booshehrian

Vismon is designed to support sophisticated data analysis of simulation results by managers who are highly knowledgeable about the fisheries domain but not experts in statistical data analysis. The features of Vismon include sensitivity analysis, comprehensive and global trade-offs analysis, and a staged approach to visualization of the uncertainty of the underlying simulation model.

The tool was iteratively refined through a multi-year engagement with fisheries scientists with a two-phase approach, where an initial diverging experimentation phase to test many alternatives was followed by a converging phase where the set of effective multiple linked views were integrated together in a useable way. A user study has been performed in Alaska among a group of fisheries scientists and managers to examine the usefulness of Vismon in data analysis. Until now, several fisheries scientists have used Vismon to communicate with policy makers, and it is scheduled for deployment to policy makers in Alaska.

TASC1 9204 West
Thursday, October 4, 2012 - 14:30