Guest speaker: Andrew Woo, WooStyle Consulting Ltd.

Title: Comparing geometric representations for real-time graphics


These days, on the internet, you may have read polarized opinions such as œpolygons are the only serious representation in any serious 3D software, or œthis is the end for polygons, when polygons are compared to one of the other geometric representations.  While both opinions are ridiculous, we will review some of the advantages and disadvantages of polygons, point cloud and voxels as geometric representations in real-time 3D applications, to get a better appreciation for why those polarized opinions exist, and why, in the end, those opinions do not really matter.


Andrew Woo's experience in software engineering, research and development spans over 25 years in the aerospace & defense, oil & gas, automotive, medical, games and film industries. He was CTO at NGRAIN, leading visualization software products and projects that have been deployed throughout the Canadian and US militaries. He was senior R&D Manager at Alias-Wavefront, where he was responsible for rendering in award-winning 3D graphics products including Sketch!, Studio, and Maya, for which the Alias team won an Academy Award in technical achievement in 2003. He is an ACM distinguished member and is a member of IEEE, CHCCS, and CIPS.

TASC 8002
Thursday, September 17, 2015 - 13:00 to 14:15