Guest Speaker

Speaker: Jonathan Shewchuk

This week we will welcome professor Shewchuk from U.C. Berkeley. He is a successfull SFU alumni and we are proud to have him back at SFU for a short visit. He will meet some GrUVi students to discuss ongoing research and he will also give a talk within the PIMS-talk series. Details follow.

Dr. Jonathan Shewchuk University of California, Berkeley
"Tetrahedral Meshes with Good Dihedral Angles"

Speaker: Ligang Liu

Title: Geometry Driven Image Manipulation


My talk will include two parts. In the first part, I will introduce an overview of my research, particularly of my work on geometry processing including mesh parameterization, surface reconstruction, shape analysis and segmentation, etc. In the second part, I will present my very recent work on geometry-driven image manipulation, including mesh-warping based image retargeting (CGI 2010, CVPR NODIA 2010), photo composition optimization (Eurographics 2010), parametric human shape reshaping (Siggraph 2010), and high quality garments try-on experience, etc.

Speaker: Hamish Carr

Title: Drawing Contour Trees in the Plane 


The contour tree compactly describes scalar field topology. From the viewpoint of graph drawing, it is a tree with attributes at vertices and optionally on edges. Standard tree drawing algorithms emphasize structural properties of the tree and neglect the attributes. Applying known techniques to convey this information proves hard and sometimes even impossible. We present several adaptions of popular graph drawing approaches to the problem of contour tree drawing and evaluate them. We identify five aesthetic criteria for drawing contour trees and present a novel algorithm for drawing contour trees in the plane that satisfies four of these criteria. Our implementation is fast and effective for contour tree sizes usually used in interactive systems (around 100 branches) and also produces readable pictures for larger trees, as is shown for a 800 branch example.