Guest Speaker

Cluster 5 Research Day

Presenter: Roozbeh Mottaghi, Vinay, Hao Jiang 
Roozbeh Mottaghi: An integrated particle filter and potential field method for multiple robot target tracking (Autonomy Lab) 
Vinay: Segmenting Cardiac Tag Lines from MR Images (Medical Imaging) 
Hao Jiang: Successive Convex Matching for Action Detection (Vision)

Speaker: Bernard Chazelle

CS/PIMS Distinguished Lecture: Data Driven Algorithm Design 
Abstract: Motivated by the need to cope with data that is massive, high-dimensional, noisy, uncertain, unevenly priced, low-entropic, or all of the above, algorithm design is undergoing profound changes. I will discuss some of these developments; in particular, sublinear algorithms, online reconstruction, self-improving algorithms, and dimension reduction.